Blackwake Demo Download

Blackwake Demo Download

Blackwake Demo Download Free

Blackwake Demo is an action game, designed for multiplayer gameplay. The production is the work of the independent Mastfire Studios development studio. The title was completed thanks to the involvement of the community, which co-financed the creators through a crowdfunding campaign implemented on the Kickstarter website. If you always wanted to become a pirate, download Blackwake Demo Download and try your hand at spectacular sea battles.

Blackwake Demo Download for PC

The basis of the fun in Blackwake Demo are sea battles, presented from a first-person perspective. 64 participants can take part in one game. Each of them plays the crew member of one of the ships that take part in the clash. Fun requires participants to perform various duties. The basic tasks during the game include loading the guns and shooting, as well as making repairs, patching the hull or pouring water on board. An important element of the game are boarding in which players can use their sabers and muskets. To bring your own ship to win, download Blackwake Demo Download and take part in a fascinating battle at sea. The player can play not only an ordinary crew member, but also a captain. His duties include coordinating the activities of other participants of the game, as well as developing tactics adequate to the events taking place on the screen. However, the captain of the nominated captain may be released from the duties of the leader, and a new one is elected in his place in the voting process. If you want to command a pirate ship during a battle, download Blackwake Demo Download and guide your crew to victory. The game takes into account the extensive weather system, which undergoes dynamic changes and hinders players. Spectacular variety of fun can be even a storm. If you are not afraid of any sea challenges, download Blackwake Demo Download and feel on board the real ship.

Download Blackwake Demo PC

In the basic variant of the game, players clash in one-on-one battles. Blackwake Demo also offers the possibility of fighting six ships at once, and the participants of the game can then use sailboats of various sizes. Individual ships are also subject to modifications, so you can change their appearance or give them names. Also the hero controlled by the player is subject to the possibility of changing the appearance. To create your own sea wolf, download Blackwake Demo Download and give it a number of individual features. The visual setting of the game Blackwake Demo offers very good quality. Three-dimensional graphics have been prepared extremely carefully, and the water and various special effects accompanying the downpours, storms and other atmospheric changes deserve special attention. The whole is complemented by stylized music that perfectly matches the overall production climate. The praise also belongs to all the sounds that are generated by intense naval battles.

Download Blackwake Demo

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