The Beast Inside Demo Download Free

The Beast Inside Demo Download Free

The Beast Inside demo download free

The Beast Inside demo is a game of the survival horror genre. The title was developed by native developers from Illusion Ray studio, which consists of former employees of Platige Image, Fuero Games and The Farm 51. If you like survival horror, type in the steam locator download The Beast Inside demo Download get involved in this extremely atmospheric production.

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The main character of the game The Beast Inside demo is a man named Adam, who works for the CIA as a crypto-analyst. Together with his wife Emma, ​​the man decides to move to the province to work in a calm place over the task entrusted to him. Adam must break the code that will give the United States an advantage in the ongoing cold war. After arriving at the periphery, the protagonist finds a mysterious diary belonging to an American Civil War soldier. Its owner was a Nicolas who lived in a house occupied by Adam over a hundred years ago. The man described in him attempts to find his missing father, who were disturbed by supernatural events. The investigation described in the diary and the horrible memories accompanying him seem to get through to Adam’s reality, which in time is forced to take a fight for life. In The Beast Inside demo the action was presented from the perspective of the first person, and players can play both in Adam and Nicolas. History has been presented in two different historical periods, thanks to which the same locations can be seen in different versions. The world of the game is semi-open, and players can visit several different places, including the house, surrounding swamps or an abandoned coaching house. If you want to learn more about Adam’s fate, enter steam in the browser The Beast Inside demo Download and explore all available locations. Most areas are poorly lit and also full of various unpleasant surprises. In some places, ghosts appear, while others scare the player with suddenly unexpected opponents or spontaneously moving objects.

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The fight against enemies in The Beast Inside demo can be carried out in several ways. Apart from escaping or hiding, the main character can also defend himself. There is only a revolver available, in addition to quite limited ammunition. The advantage can be gained thanks to the skilful use of environmental elements. In addition to fighting and exploration, the player also encounters various puzzles. They usually require breaking a cipher, which can be broken by searching the nooks of the location or looking through the old texts in the diary, where the clues are located. The Beast Inside demo is a production developed using the Unreal Engine 4 technology, which offers high quality visual frames. The graphics were created with the use of photogrammetry technique, thanks to which sometimes they touch on photorealism. If you like great looking games, type in the steam locator and download The Beast Inside demo Download and get caught in an unusual atmosphere.

Download The Beast Inside Demo

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